Are You An Athlete
Who's Afraid To Lose It All?

Now is the time to be accountable and responsible for where you are financially, and more importantly, spiritually and mentally.


Not Another Broke Athlete is a spiritual revival not only for athletes, but all individuals that want to break the chains of a poverty mindset. Whether it’s passed down from generation to generation that have lived through challenging times and personal struggles, people must become aware of the poverty mindset and try and break the cycle or be destined to repeat it. Even if people are financially secure, they still might be headed towards a “poor” and unfulfilled life.


Don Padilla experienced going from getting kicked out of his home, being broke,  almost bankrupt, near divorce, and becoming a successful businessman. The insights provided by Shkira Singh, Dr. James Verbrugge, James Malinchak, Oscar De La Hoya, Aaron Boone, Jacob Cruz, Dana Hammonds, David Meltzer, Warren Moon, Dr. Pat Allen, Dr. Tim Benson, Dr. Mamiko Odegard and others, will provide the tools to break these cycles of a poverty and scarcity mindset and lead you on a path to grow and protect your legacy.




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De La Hoya

World Champion and Founder of Golden Boy Promotions

“Leave the toy buying for the kids- no need to buy excess or unnecessary things.”



NY Yankees Manager and Former MLB Player

“No Matter how strong a position you think you may be in, plan for the worst-case scenario when it comes to money and your career.”



Hitting Coordinator of the World Champion Chicago Cubs and CEO of LineDrivePro® Trainer baseball hitting aid

“I believe there has to be a certain remorse in spending that leads the person to make changes. If there is no remorse there will be no life learned lesson and thus the spending will continue until it all dries up.”


Dana Hammonds

Senior Director, Players Affairs & Development at NFL Players Association

“Don’t invest in something you don’t understand. This is true of investment vehicles, products or concepts. Take the time to learn about the investment before turning any of your hard earned money over.”